Drivers protest

Drivers  of the bus routes NN16, 18 and 96  liquidated on 9 June in Baku  held a protestin front of the  “Xaliq Faiqoğlu” company, which belonged to the routes.

About 200 drivers need to provide them with jobs. The representative of the Baku Transport Agency Nurida Allahyarova said on June 9 that “they do not meet the transport requirements of the concept developed by the agency.”

Instead  of the liaquidated  bus routes have been  launched   buses of the “BakuBus”  company, which has a fleet of buses equipped with air conditioning, electronic fare collection system.

Thus, the private company “BakuBus” in the Baku Mayor’s Office is gradually monopolizing the market of bus transportation in Baku, what means  another  division of  property. Bus routes under various pretexts passed from hand to hand to various private companies, which are in turn supervised by the Executive Power of Baku, the Ministry of Transport.

Usually  the ceremonies purchase of new buses for the capital at different times were personally attended by President Ilham Aliyev. Bus transport remains one of the most shady businesses in Azerbaijan with a turnover of hundreds of millions of manats.

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